How can be art part of ayurveda healing?

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Part of ayurveda healing is also not being afraid to express yourself. That's what the art meditation or the art classes help you to do. Most of the guests think, they are not artists, because as children, we've been told we're not good enough and the apple drawn on the paper doesn't look like an apple, the ball doesn't look like a ball, and we withdrew.

We should learn, that everything is accepted in art. That's how we need to look at ourselves. We need to be kinder to ourselves. We are not perfect, but we should accept ourselves just as we are, only after we are able to give. 

We are very judgmental about ourselves. Our thought process is reflecting on our surface, it makes us look bitter and harder than we are. It is influencing our daily interaction with other people, friends and family. We should change it, we should not be afraid to be softer and express our feelings. 

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Art is also a path to healing and self-discovery. We call it healing through creative expression. At SwaSwara you can take voyages of the imagination and the inner self through various art practices that enable you to find and lose yourself at the same time. We invite guests to experiment with a wide range of creative activities that include tribal painting, water colours on handmade paper, origami and clay work on a traditional potter’s wheel. 

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