What is the role of solitude and silence in ayurveda?

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SwaSwara is a place where you learn to be comfortable with yourself. Most of us are not happy with ourselves, including me. But I'm fine, I don't feel lonely. There's a big difference between ‘being lonely’ and ‘being on your own’. It's just two very different states of the mind.

People often tell me: "You must be so lonely? Don't you miss this or that?" There's all this pitying for women, who are staying on their own. I don't miss anything! I'm very happy getting up in the morning and being able to hear the birds and just getting on with my life and my interests - with my day panning out the way I want it to. 

Someone told me, that this was because I am ‘at that age’. But I don't think so. I think a lot of people are ‘at that age’ to be comfortable with ‘being on your own’, but maybe they're reluctant to acknowledge it or people around them don't allow them, because we're so boxed in with so many people. There is this belief that to be happy one must be in & part of a crowd. You cannot be happy alone. 

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We are surrounded by the noise, but we do not listen only to ourselves, but also to the people around us. It is also caused by environment. The modern cities are transformed into the concrete jungles. We leave in the block of flats. Nature and individually built houses are vanishing. There is a big shift from village life, where people knew each other to anonymous city life. We used to communicate with each other, but now, communication is through the Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social platforms on internet. In olden days, we used to communicate face to face. Here, in SwaSwara is a time and space for it. 

Silence is a mode of meditation sometimes it gives you energy and when your silent you are controlling one of your sense organ but I feel it should have its own limit being too much silent may make you diseased. So listen your body and inner silence. Here, in SwaSwara you have time and space for that. 

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