Are the beach areas recommended for ayurveda treatment?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions. 

There is a big discussion about it, but I am pragmatic about it. Look at Kerala it is surrounded by sea and ayurveda is well flourished there compared to any other place. It is not the place but the state of your body and condition depends. I feel it is a myth that ayurveda cannot be practiced in beach areas, it should break. During the ayurveda treatment we ask guests to restrict the excess activities, some time we restricts exposing to beach everything depends on the health condition. There are also restrictions in exposing to the natural elements like wind or water during the treatment procedures as it may affects the healing process, but considering the essence of the nature in SwaSwara, I believe it is the best place to ‘listen to yourself’.

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The healing environment is also important. Many foreigners, who are taking ayurveda treatment in our resort, are from cold or landlocked countries. For them, the beach scenery and the sunlight are very important elements. It gives them open space feeling. But in Manaltheeram we are quite strict, we do not recommend to patients to walk or take a bath in the sea during the treatment process. 


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Tropical beaches are well recommended to people who undergo intensive Ayurveda programmes. In a tropical climate, Ayurveda medicines find better body absorption when applied topically and hence beach areas are favoured as an Ayurveda destination. Moreover, taking sun bath on the beach helps in reducing stress, promoting immunity, and building stronger bones.

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Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort believes in the holistic approach of Ayurveda, hence we make all the possibilities of providing the rich ambiance, which can heal a person both physically and mentally. The long sandy Nattika Beach and the wonderful view of lush coconut groves is perfect for this concept. 

Usually, when a person undergoes ayurveda treatments, they will be staying mostly indoor, without exposing too much to sunlight and wind. However this depends upon the health condition and type of therapies which the person is undergoing. Beach area is recommendable for certain aliments related to skin and joints. 

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