How does ayurveda can be complemented with western medicine?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions. 

Ayurveda has a wide role in supporting western medicine. The science that showed existence since the Vedic age has a natural and holistic approach to treat diseases along with adopting a healthy lifestyle by choosing appropriate diet and Pranayama exercises. This method doesn’t conflict with western medicinal system but compliments better health and strength to body and mind. In fact, the immune modulation capacity of the herbal drugs can contribute synergistic action by safeguarding the body organs from the ill-effects of the other. 

Patients who undergo surgeries can resort to improve their health during the convalescence period by following Ayurveda. Those who are advised to take lifelong medications for lifestyle diseases and those who take immunosuppressants for a prolonged period can rejuvenate their body functions through Ayurveda medication. 

Stress that has become a common word among employed and unemployed generation, must be given a new dimension by paving them the right path to battle this out. It has become evident that people under psychoactive drugs could bring down their dosages by complimenting Ayurveda medication and procedures. In short, irrespective of the age groups, Ayurveda plays a vital role in present day World by guaranteeing a Healthier community with better immunity and better lifestyle.

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Every system of medicine is having its on importance and philosophy in treating a diseases condition. Every system is having merits and demerits. In Ayurveda science, along with treating a disease condition, prevention of diseases is also very important. Ayurveda principles guides the individual to maintain health by adopting proper diet and regimen. Ayuverda not only focus on mere symptomatic treatment but tries to access the root cause of the health condition and helps to reverse it with equal consideration to mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Ayurveda perceives and treats a human body as ‘whole’. It focuses on avoiding the causes of diseases. Western medicine focusses on treatment of ailments or diseases. The combination of these two concepts should be complimentary. 

Ayurveda advices life style changes, which put an end to the root causes, and prevent the progression of etiological factors to a disease. It means by advising modulations in food, habits, medicines, control of emotions, climate factors, way of living, and other activities, ayurveda is highly indicated in prophylactic and treatment domain of the medicine. The life style lead to a positive health and well boosted immunity, so ayurveda is known as not only a system of medicine but also a “life style”.

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