How is ayurveda connected with astrology?

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When we have built Kairali resort, we have considered also the flow of the energy. Astrology and Vastu Shastra experts were invited. It has reflected in the construction of the resort itself. We belong to the family of ayurveda physicians. We knew, that if we really want the complete 100% results of the ayurvedic therapies that we are offering (even for just relaxing purpose), we have to invite experts for the Vastu Shastra and Astrology.

We brought in people who understood the Vastu Shastra art of the building and Astrologers, who combine their skills. It was kind of show, they were saying: "Okay, this is right. This is wrong." That's how we combined everything and everybody and then placed the cottages accordingly.

We didn't make a huge structures. We have built independent cottages each facing towards the sun. If you walk around, you will see, that the most of the cottages face to the sun and have the sunlight coming in. As I have mentioned before, every cottage was named after a Nakshatra (Star in Vedic Astrology). In every room was placed sacred conch shell which gives a positive vibrations. We planted trees and herbs in and around the cottages. The very air that you breathe itself has a very curative effect. Open space was very important. The water flow idea also came in because we have to have always some music like effect around the place. That gives you a really relaxed feeling in the body.

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I am not expert for Vastu Shastra or astrology, so I cannot tell you much about the connections with SwaSwara. But during my studies of ayurveda, we were many times reminded about their effects on healing process. We do not practice astro-ayurveda in SwaSwara, but I believe, that sometimes, when the treatment is not showing any results, the reason behind it can be somewhere between the earth and sky… 

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We believe in the healing power of Astro-Ayurveda. Astrology is, again, a Vedic science coming from the same Vedas as ayurveda. It's a part of ayurveda. 

When you are very sick and you realize that whatever we are doing, it's not helping you, it's not curing you, then we look into astrology. We check the houses of your astrology chart, looking at the position of the planets and stars. If we see, that they are effecting you, we try to eliminate the power of disturbance. Based on the astrology chart, we offer the pujas to the gods of the planets. We try to reduce their influence in effort to get better results in the healing process. 

If we really want to find the answers for curing process, we always combine astrology with ayurveda treatment. 

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According  to NABH standards, astrology is not a part of accredited medical system. But personally I believe, that there is a certain connection between ayurveda and astrology. This concept is deeply connected with Indian philosophical system and also daily life of Indian people. In our resorts we have a visiting astrologer. Our clients can consult their personal astrology chart with him, but our doctors do not consult their treatments with astrologers. It is done only on request. 

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In Manaltheeram, every standard ayurveda treatment programme is individualized for each person. It depends on doctor’s decision and patient health conditions, but we do not consult astrologer. The patients can consult their personal astrology chart with visiting astrologer. It is done only on request. Personally, I have not been studied the astro-ayurveda connections. But I believe, that good time and right place, when and where treatment is taken, can influence the healing process.  

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Yes, but you should understand these connections properly and take it into the consideration as a holistic system, which must be adopted for certain conditions. When you're thinking about Ayurveda, you should not study only Ayurveda, but the Veda concept itself, where all parts of the system are connected. 

You should not believe everything blindly what is told. But on the other side, one should be openminded and see also an interesting symbolism in it. For example, in Astro-Ayurveda concept, position of the Rahu (north lunar node) in the astrology chart can indicate skin disease. According to the tradition, if you have a skin disease, you should worship Snake (as a god concept) to get rid of the bad effects of Rahu. 

Explanation is simple - for example Snake gourd is a vegetable with bitter taste, which helps to purify the blood and reducethe pitta in the body. So, with bitter taste of some vegetables we can correct the pitta imbalance in the body and treat skin diseases.

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