How was your journey to ayurveda?

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You could say that right from childhood, ayurveda was part of my personal journey. My mom used to give me lehas or churnams whenever we were not well or sick. During the seasonal changes, even if we were not sick, she gave us something to strengthen our immunity system,  build our body and live healthy. All this was part of my childhood, but only after I got married to my husband Ramesh, ayurveda become more important to me. His family was manufacturing the ayurvedic medicines and for me, being a biochemist, it was very easy to correlate with these products.

It started with manufacturing of the products, but when we realized that ayurveda was a treasure that was going away from India, we have decided to move to Delhi and to pioneer services in the field of ayurveda. As I have mentioned, my husband and me, we have established  the first Ayurveda center in Delhi in 1989. Our first guests, they themselves did not know what ayurveda was. Literarily we had to teach them what ayurveda was. The people, who visited us, understood the benefits of the treatments and craved a lot about all that we were doing. But despite the good feedback, it took us almost 10 years to establish ourselves in Delhi.

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Ayurveda was always a part of our family. I belong to the fourth generation of Ayurveda doctors or Vaidyas, as they were traditionally called before. Since childhood I have seen people visiting my father in our house. I listened to their consultations with patients and observed a preparation of the medicines in my home as mom herself prepares most of the medicine and I used to help them in preparations. But to be honest with you, as a child, I was not interested much in Ayurveda. It has changed only after my high school.  It was an unconscious decision, maybe because there was an Ayurveda route shown by my family. Later I joined to BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) course and started to love it and continued that path, and I have done post graduation also.

Actually, it was not a direct path. After my studies I began my Ayurveda journey as an Assistant professor at Santhigiri Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital in Palakkad, in Kerala. For few years I have combined teaching profession and hospital duty later transferred to PNNM Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital Cheruturuthi, Thrissur. And  I was not knowing anything about the hospitality sector as am totally from the hospital environment and thought to take a new challenge in hospitality field that is in SwaSwara.

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In our family is quite a long tradition of western medicine doctors, but I am the first ayurveda doctor. It was my curiosity, which brought me on that journey. In 1995 I finnished my studies and since then I am practicing ayurveda. 

According to me, ayurveda is  a lifestyle. I don’t look at it as a treatment. It’s a treatment for the body through lifestyle. It includes all forms of medical treatments, yoga, meditation and many other practices, because whatever we are doing in life, everything is related to our bodies. Whatever can positively influence our body, mind and soul, it is ayurveda.

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Ayurveda has been a very familiar word since my childhood as this science always had a significant importance among the medical practitioners in Kerala. Though traditional practitioners in Kerala had played a vital role in popularising this science, its practice got limited within their family and community. It was after instituting medical degree status, Ayurveda became accessible as a medical course subject to everyone. 

As there was no Ayurveda hierarchy in my family, I wondered how this science would help me. You are bound to study the Sanskrit language and the history of Ayurveda apart from learning its basic principles and fundamentals along with modern Anatomy and Physiology. This helps you to gain confidence in the subject. Attaining the concept of Ayurveda is like seeing an unknown World. It’s not the same science that you learned until the matriculation where you believe the science which is proven before your eyes. So learning Ayurveda at the initial stage is like believing the spirituality. But once you start applying the theory into practise, you feel content with what you learnt because of the miraculous results rewarded. You trust the fact that there is cure within the nature.

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I was born in a village named Vazhakulam in Cochin and belong to the 4th generation of traditional Vaidya family. My grand father from father side was a Government registered Vaidya with registration number 126. It means, he was the 126th registered ayurveda medical practitioner in Kerala state. My registration number is 5888. Also my mother comes from Vaidya family. Her father was the first principle of the ayurveda school at Kalady (birth place of Sri Sankaracharya).

I am practicing Ayurveda since 1990, when I have graduated at Government Ayurveda College in Trivandrum, which is the oldest Ayurveda College in India, established in1888. Ayurveda is my passion.

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