How would you describe the destination of your ayurveda resort?

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Gokarna is one of the most important pilgrimage places in India. It is a sacred place connected with mythological stories of Ramayana, one of the India’s oldest eposes. Many Indian gods and goddesses were attracted by this place, same as nowadays pilgrims, who are coming to the Gokarna’s temples daily. It is a ‘tirtha’, pilgrimage place with positive energy and many of our guest are mentioning these positive vibes, they can feel from this place. It helps them to get rid of their own negative energy and absorb the positive one. The visit of the temple can also have meditative healing effect, and it has nothing to do with the religion or faith…

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We have chosen to build Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, because it is considered hometown of ayurveda and also my husband's family. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, geographically, it is ideal place for practising ayurveda. Resort is situated in the middle of the paddy fields, with rich flora and fauna and its pure pollution free environment and fresh air is much better for ayurveda healing, than salty sea air on the beaches.

The roots of our family belong to Palakkad and that's the reason why it made us even more comfortable to come and start an ayurveda resort here. The contour of the property was left as it was, as the flow of the life - up and down. And also the flow of the water in front of every cottages was designed to give a very peaceful and a meditating feeling of mind, which relaxes you completely. 

We have built 30 cottages according to Vastu Shastra (India version of Feng Shui) and every cottage was named after a Nakshatra (Star in Vedic Astrology). In every room was placed sacred conch shell which gives a positive vibrations. We planted trees and herbs in and around the cottages. The very air that you breathe itself has a very curative effect. Also diet was a very important aspect. The kitchen was designed to prepare ayurveda food, that people could come and eat easily digestible food and which would have helped them in getting their diseases cured or even just rejuvenating or relaxing themselves.  

This whole property was kept with the norms of ayurveda and the whole place is just ayurveda and nothing else.

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At the time we have started, Kovalam was the place that was synonymous for tourism in Kerala. So we started to look for a place in Kovalam to open an ayurveda resort, but the price of the land in that area was very high.  One day I hired a fisherman’s boat and passing Chowara beach, I saw from the sea, the place where the current resort is located – the lush green cliff, almost hundred meters above the sea level. It immediately caught my attention, but it was not easy to buy that land. It originally belonged to more than 200 people from different religion and cast groups. Luckily, I visited the local church, where the parish priest arranged a person to help me locally. 

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The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort is situated in lush green coconut grove garden directly on the serene long sandy beach, not far from Trissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, known for its spiritual temple festivals and preservation of tradition forms of art. It is only 67 kilometres away from the Cochin International Airport and 25 kilometres from Trissur railway station.

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The tiny picturesque coastal village of Puthenthope (16 km from Kerala's capital city Trivandrum), situated in the serene setting of calm sea, gentle breezes and lush coconut groves is an ideal, quiet location for a relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic ayurveda treatment in Nilayam Ayurveda Beach Resort. We believe, that life can be simple. For people living in coastal village is south India, ayurveda is not science of western pop-culture, but tradition kept by many generations and practice in daily life. Fisherman, like astrologers, navigate their boats according to lights of the stars, like yogins, they wake up before sunrise to greet the sun and like old vaydias, heal diseases with local herbs and remedies.

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ABAD Harmonia located at South Kovalam in Trivandrum district is near to Chowara beach which is accessible by a 10 minutes walk from the resort. Chowara Beach is a quaint and pleasing beach near Kovalam which is frequented by fishermen activities. The secluded sandy beach stretches from Kovalam to Poovar where one can experience the beauty of serene beach and charm of fishermen villages. The Adimalathura beach lying on the coastal belt of Chowara is considered as one among the few beaches in Kerala that has not been eroded by sea. Thus, a vacation over here for Yoga retreat and Ayurveda Wellness will also bestow the essence of experiencing the verdure of nature serenity.

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