How would you introduce your ayurveda group?


Our family has long ayurveda tradition, but The Kairali Ayurvedic Group was established in 1989, when we opened the first ayurveda center in Delhi. We pioneered in setting up the center, at a time when ayurveda was nearly fading away and people of India also was not aware of subject, what is ayurveda. 

Way back, our forefathers had given us this knowledge and it has percolated down through centuries through our family. We used to do manufacturing of ayurveda products, which were researched and developed from the year 1948. With very good results, we have introduced into the market products such as Lipidex, Durance, Duravin Forte, Spaliv or Spazyme.  

After 1989, when we set up the center in Delhi and offered these services to mankind and the people at large in and around Delhi and successfully completing about almost a decade, we ventured into starting The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, the hometown of Ayurveda. This is a most serene place where you could come and relax, revive and rejuvenate yourself by ayurvedic therapies. As ayurveda says, you have to take care of your body so that you will live healthy and keep your body healthy. The preventive aspect of ayurveda is promoted a lot over here, besides also offering treatments for various diseases.

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Ayurveda was the part of our family heritage. My grand grandfather and grandfather were ayurveda practitioners. But, my brother - Dr. Pauly Mathew, who was based in Germany - and me, we have initially started different business ventures.

In 1984, we had launched an agency to market cleaning solutions in India and export of antiques, cloths and bags from India to Germany. But our business was met with limited success. Probably it was God’s grace, which wanted to show us different way for our lives.

It was at that time my brother sent two of his German friends to Kerala for ayurvedic treatment. I did a small research about different ayurveda treatments and found a hospital in Kalamasserry to accommodate them. That time, there were not so many ayurveda hospitals and traditional ayurveda centers were usually small concrete buildings with not very nice ambience, basic services and only local people used to visiting them. But after ayurvedic treatment, the feedback from by brother’s friends was excellent. When we got a steady flow of clients we started thinking about a hospital of our own. 

Somatheeram, our first ayurveda project started in 1988 and Soma Manaltheeram started in 1990. In the course of time we started Soma Palm Shore, Soma Kerala Palace and Soma Birds Lagoon and we also have Soma houseboats. So that’s about the beginning of Somatheeram.  

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