Was ayurveda resort built according to Vastu Shastra?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions.

When we have built Kairali resort, we have considered also the flow of the energy. Astrology and Vastu Shastra experts were invited. It has reflected in the construction of the resort itself. We belong to the family of ayurveda physicians. We knew, that if we really want the complete 100% results of the ayurvedic therapies that we are offering (even for just relaxing purpose), we have to invite experts for the Vastu Shastra and Astrology.

We brought in people who understood the Vastu Shastra art of the building and Astrologers, who combine their skills. It was kind of show, they were saying: "Okay, this is right. This is wrong." That's how we combined everything and everybody and then placed the cottages accordingly.

We didn't make a huge structures. We have built independent cottages each facing towards the sun. If you walk around, you will see, that the most of the cottages face to the sun and have the sunlight coming in. As I have mentioned before, every cottage was named after a Nakshatra (Star in Vedic Astrology). In every room was placed sacred conch shell which gives a positive vibrations. We planted trees and herbs in and around the cottages. The very air that you breathe itself has a very curative effect. Open space was very important. The water flow idea also came in because we have to have always some music like effect around the place. That gives you a really relaxed feeling in the body.

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I am not expert for Vastu Shastra, so I cannot tell you much about the connections with SwaSwara. But during my studies of ayurveda, we were many times reminded about their effects on healing process.The space, which was created here is a very special. As we have discussed before, the town Gokarna and beach Aum, are the places with very unique energy and SwaSwara is the echo of your own voice.Trust me, you can hear a lot of things here...(laughing). 

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When I spoke with Mr. Jaigopal, architect who designed SwaSwara, he did not mention Vastu Sastra (Indian Feng Shui) system. What he did say is that ground plan of SwaSwara just naturally flowed  from his drawing board.

I believe, that this free flow of energy, you can be still felt in the resort. The space is open, you do not have to follow the straight lines and you feel the connection with nature around you. Once you are here, you understand that you don't have to box yourself in, which is what the most of us are doing, because either we're trying to live up to someone’s expectations or our own expectations.

We had invited Swami Yogaratna, of Bihar School of Yoga to come and assist us in setting up the yoga schedule and offerings and she's written quite a bit about where the energies are. Surprisingly, it's in all the places which we use now for yoga and editation. I don't know, if it was done unknowingly or consciously. I like to believe that it was meant to be. 

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient art, how to build and construct houses considering environment, flow of the energy and nature elements. These principles, although not always very scientific, were very important, when we have designed our resorts. 

The architect, with who we have consulted plans, is a professor at the university in Cochin. He extensively traveled around Kerala and studied traditional Kerala wooden structures and houses. Even waste management was consulted with him, because according to Vastu Shastra standards toilets should not be built close to the kitchen, which had a sense in the past, when toilets were only holes in the ground, where all the waste was disposed, but not today. 

Nature is part of the resorts. The houses and cottages are hidden under the shade of the tropical trees. The most of them have small herb and flower gardens in the front and provide a nice sea view. All the houses are built from eco-friendly materials, properly ventilated to allow natural airflow. Also sunlight movement during the day was taken into the consideration. All these small things make one to stay on for longer and to visit this place again and again. 

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The building plans of the Manaltheeram, were consulted with Vastu Shastra experts. All ayurveda treatment rooms, patient’s cottages and other buildings are constructed according to these ancient building standards. There is no doubt, that orientation, flow of the energy, sunlight and natural constructing materials are influencing treatment very much. 

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Yes, but you should understand these connections properly and take it into the consideration as a holistic system, which must be adopted for certain conditions. When you're thinking about Ayurveda, you should not study only Ayurveda, but the Veda concept itself, where all parts of the system are connected. 

In Vastu Shastra (art to construct buildings based on energy flow), we have to take into the consideration geographical differences and changes. Especially Vastu Shastra practiced in Kerala will not be correct for you or for Chinese person, because of different environment and climate position of your country. The same we can say about yoga or other traditional arts and science systems. 

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