When is the best time to come for a ayurveda treatment?

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"Whenever your body and mind is weak, you need some treatments to strengthen the body." That's what in India we are usually recommending the monsoon period as the best time to take a treatment, but it is very individual and depend on health condition of the patients. Also what is natural for Indians can be different for foreigners and heavy monsoon rains can disturb them. Coming into doshic level, in the winter time, the Kapha related problems increases and to avoid or prevent such issues early winter is good. Similarly, Pitta aggravates during summer so before summer or during summer is good to prevent Pitta related issues. It comes under the seasonal regimen. When coming to diseased there is no particular time is indicated it depends on the stages of diseases, always early stage of the disease is best time for cure.  For purification of the toxins from the body Panchakarma treatment is best.

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In Kerala we believe, that the best season to come for ayurveda treatment is monsoon period (June – September). It is the wet and warm season during which we are sweating more, the pores are more opened and it helps to remove the toxins from the body. We can treat more easily deep-rooted problems in our body with  various therapies.

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The most of the foreigners are visiting us in main tourism season from October to March, when is the best time to adjust to the warm climate, but do not be scared to come for an ayurveda treatment during the monsoon period. Months June, July, August and September are called rainy, but it does not mean it rains all the time - usually only in the afternoon for few hour. This period is considered as the best time for treatment and also the rates are lower than in main season - sometimes 20% - 30%.

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Anytime! But the Summers in Kerala could be very hot. The hottest months are May and June (sometimes more than 35ºC). The best time for body cleansing is monsoon period. In rainy, wet and colder weather conditions (around 25 ºC), the toxins are released more easily from the body. Also, the rates for ayurveda treatment programmes are much lower, because foreigners (especially Europeans) prefer to travel to tropical countries in the winter. 

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