How does menopause effect ayurveda treatment?

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It's very much connected with modern lifestyle. Nowadays ladies work so hard, I think sometimes more than men. We have to take into the consideration, that female body is more connected to and influenced by nature. Our menstrual cycle is a regular natural process and every woman should learn how to handle the changes in her body during her lifetime including menopause period.

During the normal treatment process we recommend to ladies to visit us after the menstruation. But if menstrual cycle comes during the treatment process, we are restricting some therapies. It depended on how strong is period and how severe the pain is. Sometimes we may ask ladies to stay without treatment for one or two days and then keeping in mind their individual health problems we give them hands, legs, face and neck soft massage.

The menopause period is often connected with hormonal changes in the body, which are coming naturally with the age. During this time, female body is influenced by more male hormones and it is also connected with sociological and psychological changes in the life of each female. We pay a high attention to these changes and we are balancing the hormonal changes with internal ayurvedic medicines. 

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Definitely, the age of the patient is an essential part. Ladies in menopause have the hormone fluctuations. They have more pitta-related problems. We need to give some pitta cooling calming substances and also while treating other health problems, we are considering it. 

But I would say, that in Kalari Rasayana, which is certified as hospital, we have more patients with the genuine diseases. Menopause is only symptom of our body but we are treating some diseases such as Parkinson, muscular dystrophy-like diseases, diabetes and etc.

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