What does Shakti, female energy, mean for you and healing?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions.

SwaSwara reminds me of a woman, she can be moody, but still you feel her openness and free flow of all-encompassing energy. She is a mother, a sister, a healer, it's all there!

I think, this is Swara of Swa, you can hear that echo in the whole way it's built, it is in the sea water, in the forest, the songs of the birds and steps of all the little animals. All this makes this place, it cannot be boxed. To restrict this free flow of energy it would be like putting SwaSwara into a coffin and nailing her down.

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In the past ayurveda was a science that was passed on from one generation to generation by vaidyas who learnt the universal philosophy of it and understood the holistic functionality of the human body. Nowadays ayurveda is becoming popular and it is also a subject of University studies. To become certified ayurveda doctor you have to undergo at least five years long course. But not only education, but also society has changed. As part of the empowerment process, many women are learning the subject of ayurveda and are willing to offer their services in healthcare and wellness industry.

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It is difficult to explain it with words, because female role in the world is more connected with emotions and less with rational way of thinking. This energy could be called ‘Shakti’. Shakti is everyone’s mother. In our resort many guests perceive me as their mother or sister and also for me, it is a special relationship. I think, they feel safe in my hands. I don't know to explain it more but people feel pacified in my hands, that I know.

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