Is ayurveda diet always only vegetarian?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions. 

No. Ayurveda diet is not only vegetarian. That's the beauty of ayurveda. You can eat anything. Ayurveda doesn't tell you don't eat this or don't eat that, but it tells you what to eat, when to eat and who should be eating which food. That's very important about ayurveda. It never restricts you from anything. You can have non-vegetarian food if your body requires it. For example non vegetarian diet can be important for children, not to have bone or skin disorders when their body is evolving. Chicken or lamb soups can help to build up the body and enhance the muscles. Small portions of fish can also provide a lot of energy and anti-oxidants required for the body. But it is always necessary to consider the environment, the age and the prakriti of a person before we suggest the ayurvedic diet.   

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Our ayurveda diet is pure vegetarian. It is based on local recipes, but we try to serve organic vegetables and fruits, which are available also abroad, it helps foreigners to adjust to ayurveda diet. Between the main meals, we served fruit juices and ayurvedic herbal water. We do not serve non – vegetarian dishes. (Meat is not prohibited according to ayurveda, but is not recommended during the treatment process) and we do not serve alcohol, coffee or tea. Also smoking is not recommended. 

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The most of the patient are addicted to non-vegetarian food, they eat a lot of meat. When we are adding familiar vegetables into their diet, they do not feel we are forcing them to change their food habits. 

We are not including meat into patients’ diet. But for some diseases such as muscular dystrophy, degenerative diseases and mainly for the brain-related diseases like Parkinson, we need some non-vegetarian food as a carrier for their medicine.

For example, for the Parkinson in some case, there is the lack of dopamine in their brain cells. It is more beneficial for that patient, if we are preparing some mutton. In muscular dystrophy or the multiple sclerosis or similar, we need to prepare some medicated muttons too, or medicated chicken soup. If we have a patient with fever, if the fever is chronic with some viral infection, we need to give them medicated mutton soup or the chicken soup, so only a medicated dish. 

A non-vegetarian food can be also ayurvedic, but if when you're in a treatment process, it is better following vegetarian diet. Especially if you are treating a metabolic disease, you should be a vegetarian. But if you are treating a degenerative disease, you need some fat in your body. For that, we need the chicken or the mutton, preferably organic. 

I don't believe in a complete vegan diet. Vegan diet is only for a Kapha-dominant person. If you are a Vata-dominant person, your body needs some non-veg food. 

The most people in Europe are Vata-dominant because of environment conditions. In the winter time your appetite is really high, so also Christmas is celebrated that time, you need more food and you can digest heavy substances during this period. You fast before the Easter, because body needs start self-cleaning process before the Summer. In the winter time in Europe you need also bit of alcohol sometimes, but in the Arabic countries the alcohol is strictly prohibited because of the hot climate. 

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