What is the healthy food?

Ayurveda doctors and experts answer your questions.

We use to say Annam Brahma, which means Food is God. Annam is the first form of the god, so we should definitely give importance to the food. But our vital energy comes not only from the eating the food itself, but also from environment, breathing techniques or way of thinking. For example, when we are practicing yoga, meditating or chanting mantras, we are giving also food to our body. It's a prana for our body. You can feel it through all the sense organs, not only on your tongue. If you're seeing the pleasant things in the environment, it is a good food for your body. Or nice smell, relaxing music – all can be considered the food for your body. This is the awareness which we are giving to our patients: Don't listen to the internet or do not read too many books. Just listen to your body itself.

In Ashtanga Hridhaya Sutrasthan, the ancient book written by Acharya, the first thing, which is mentioned, is how to live properly, how to practice your routine life, how to change your diet or how lifestyle according to the climatic changes. Only after he explains what is the benefit of each and every food ingredient and how to eat them properly. Only then he describes the disease conditions. If you're doing your ritucharya (prevention of diseaases) or dinacharya (daily routines) properly and if you are eating in a proper way, you don't need a medicine.

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