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I understood, that from my birth, inside me, there was Ayurveda. What I was calling my spirituality, what I was calling my inner self going towards nature - is all Ayurveda. Once this feeling came in, it was just a journey and it continues. It's a flow now. For me Ayurveda is me and I am Ayurveda. I just continued to spread what I know, what I feel, what I experienced.

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Ayurveda for me is a lifestyle. You have to live it. It is an everyday affair with your life to prevent yourself from falling sick. We should practise the norms of ayurveda – dinacharyas. It means you do your daily routine: get up in the morning, shower, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, put a little bit of oils into your nostrils, ears, take a nice simple massage. You don't have to spend much time but yet, it relaxes you and makes you feel very good. 

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I was born in a small village named Nadukani near Kothamangalam, in Central Kerala. The forests (not far from the Western Ghats hills), paddy fields and plantations surrounded the village, where you could find lots of plants and herbs. In that part of Kerala, ayurveda is still a lifestyle for a local people. They live a life according to ayurveda principals, cure themselves with local natural medicines and rarely visit a hospital. 

That’s the way I've been brought up. As I have mentioned, ayurveda was the part of our family heritage. My grand grandfather and grandfather were vaidiyas (ayurveda practitioners) and although my father was a planter, he adhered to customs and traditions of our ancestors – we woke up before sunrise, washed our self in the well, our diet was based on local vegetables and fruits and etc. Simply expressed, ayurveda means a traditional Kerala lifestyle for me.  

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According to me, ayurveda is  a lifestyle. I don’t look at it as a treatment. It’s a treatment for the body through lifestyle. It includes all forms of medical treatments, yoga, meditation and many other practices, because whatever we are doing in life, everything is related to our bodies. Whatever can positively influence our body, mind and soul, it is ayurveda.

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Ayurveda is  a lifestyle. I don’t look at it as a treatment. It’s a treatment for the body through lifestyle. It includes all forms of medical treatments, yoga, meditation and many other practices, because whatever we are doing in life, everything is related to our bodies. Whatever can positively influence our body, mind and soul, it is ayurveda.

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Ayurveda was just a subject to me before I started my graduation in it. Day by day, I started to understand that more than a subject it is a science that helps you to remould yourself to get in evenness with the nature outside. You will understand that everything in the Universe is built of Pancha Bhuta and this mere concept helps you to understand that Ayurveda is a holy science that teaches you how to lead a healthy life by choosing the right food and following the right regimen. When your body gets imbalanced due to extrinsic or intrinsic factors, the nature always has its cure. This ancient science written centuries before is still a glorified text that has shown light to the suffering and conscious way of life to the oblivion.

This science has showed that the concept of medicine is not mere treatment for illness but also understanding how to protect your body from it. It has the potential to balance your body physically and psychologically. This adaptability has helped Ayurveda to be distinct from other medicinal systems and thus gaining universal support. The knowledge about Life is what mankind has always been exploring and Ayurveda was the first science that described it. Not only the human life but also the treatments for other life forms including plants and animals have been described in Ayurveda.


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Ayurveda is probably one of the greatest gifts of India to mankind. Kerala Ayurveda has it's own uniqueness owing to several factors. Harivihar, owing to it's inherent beauty and vasthu compliant architecture is ideally suited for Ayurveda treatments. The house has a positive energy and serenity which is ideal for holistic health treatments like Ayurveda and yoga.

Even though we are modern medicine specialists, we have a healthy respect for Ayurveda to which as children we had been exposed quite well. Hence when we started Harivihar we had no doubt that this house should offer the greatest gift of Kerala – that is Ayurveda- to it's residents. We want Harivihar to be a centre which promotes traditional Indian knowledge and culture to people all over the world.

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It is difficult to express my thoughts and feelings about ayurveda. I respect the wisdom hidden in this word. It is a very old and venerable science, but I have to be honest, I cannot say I follow it completely. I am not disciplined enough. We all grew up with ayurveda, it was part of our childhood, part of every family’s life, even after the delivery of my children I went through what used to be considered as mandatory ayurveda treatments and cuisine too to ensure a quick and deep healing. Ayurveda was an integral part of every household in Kerala. It's always been there in the background but I don't think my generation and I am equally guilty of giving it as much importance or valued it to the extent that I value it now. 

I can say, that I didn't quite understand it and I'd never taken the effort until I joined CGH Earth company. As part of my training I went through the panchakarma treatment, something which I thought only old people needed or did. Only when I saw how ayurveda helped me, I understood and appreciated it better. In ancient ayurveda philosophy is hidden a big contribution to the modern science, but because unfortunately the revival of ayurveda was in tourism it's very difficult to get the kind of respect and value it really deserves.

For most guests and tour operators ayurveda still remains synonymous with a herbal oil massage for a feel good factor and therefore when curative procedures such as the Snehapana (medicated ghee detox) and Virechanan (herbal laxative cleanse) are not seen or taken as seriously as they should be. Further since there are many unscrupulous practitioners operating in tourism who are open to cutting corners the true and timeless traditional ayurvedic practices are too often diluted to suit the whims and fancies of the western tourists.      

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Ayurveda is a divine science of life. Our hands should be pure when we treat a patient. Every day we pray before Dhanvantari, God of Ayurveda, to give us blessings to cure our patient. God should give us the power to heal. Sometimes we cannot cure every patient, but it is important not to make any mistakes from our hands. This is the only pray, which I have as a doctor to lord.

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As I belong to a traditional ayurveda vaidya family from Cochin, I believe, the wisdom of Ayurveda was in my blood. Since 1990 I am practicing Ayurveda, and it’s is my passion. Ayurveda is the only science teaches you how to lead a physical, mental, social, spiritual way to spread love, affection, and kindness to the nature and whole world. To me Ayurveda is the complete solution for the mankind.

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Ayurveda is the ancient system, which is called the science of life. I studied it at Kerala University in Trivandrum. But after 28 years of being ayurveda doctor,  I can say, I am still in process of learning.  Everyday I learn something new - as the doctor and as a human being. 

Last 6 years I am practicing ayurveda in the Somatheeram. This place became my second home. I come here every day, even the days I am out of duty. I come to see and talk to my patients. Their trust is a very special bond and commitment between doctor and patient, but also relation between two human beings. 

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