Who are your food ingredients, vegetables and fruits suppliers?


We are trying to get maximum organic vegetables and fruits on the plates of our clients. The most of the items come from our own plantation, not far from the resorts. We cooperate also with local non-profit and non-government organization, which is collecting vegetables and fruits from local farmers all around Kerala and redistributing them, so we can get fresh seasonal deliveries from Palakkad or from Wayanad. But also we are supporting small local farmers. There are few ladies, who come to resort every day and bring us products from their homes e.g. papayas or jackfruits. 

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Well, we can say, that you have Konkan region taste on the plate. We buy the vegetables and fruits from local farmers and I would say that almost 75% of the vegetables used in our kitchen are cultivated directly in our property. The most of them are organic.

It is really good, but we are facing also some problems, because we are running the property with the rainwater harvesters. In Summer cultivation and farming it is quite complicated. But rest of the year, we are using our own sources to prepare to ayurvedic food for our guests. 

At SwaSwara we encourage our guests to drink the freshly prepared herbal water served in the restaurant. Following the customary practice of traditional Indian homes, the water is infused with various herbs to purify the water in a natural way and also to aid good health.


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It's depending upon lots of factors and on the patient's health condition. Our kitchen is not supplied strictly from our own sources. Mostly we are collecting our own fresh ingredients – vegetables and fruits from our garden, but in some cases, if we need some special food items - for example kadali banana, very small bananas with high medical value - we buy it from outside, because it is available only in north part of Kerala. We are using also so-called English vegetables – for example cabbage, cauliflower or similar, they also contain high nutrition value and most of the patients have already included them in their diet. 

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The most of the food items, vegetables and fruits used in our kitchen are grown organically in our garden, which is situated right behind the property. I would say more than 90% of the vegetables we are cultivating by our self and the rest we are buying on local market from the village farmers. We pay the same attention to the food sa we do to our guests, who are staying with us. 

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