Who are our female ayurveda experts?

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As a woman you need to strike the balance between your family and work. You have to be fully committed in your personal and professional life. For me personally, the call to stay and work at SwaSwara, came at the right time. I was free, my children were grown up and I could take this decision to move out and be able to focus on management of SwaSwara. The Last 10 years in SwaSwara, it has been like watching my own baby growing up and evolving. As a woman I needed such a challenge and creative learning process in my work space too. 

There's a big difference between ‘being lonely’ and ‘being on your own’. People often tell me: "You must so lonely?" There's all this pitying for women, who are staying on their own. I don't miss anything! Someone told me, that it  is because I am ‘at that age’. But I don't think so. I think a lot of people are ‘at that age’ to be comfortable with ‘being on your own’, but maybe they're reluctant to acknowledge it or people around them don't allow them, because we're so boxed in by a society which says one can only be happy if one is with people.

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You could say that right from childhood, ayurveda was part of my personal journey. My mom used to give me lehas or churnams whenever we were not well or sick. During the seasonal changes, even if we were not sick, she gave us something to strengthen our immunity system,  build our body and live healthy. All this was part of my childhood, but only after I got married to my husband Ramesh, ayurveda become more important to me. His family was manufacturing the ayurvedic medicines and for me, being a biochemist, it was very easy to correlate with these products.

It started with manufacturing of the products, but when we realized that ayurveda was a treasure that was going away from India, we have decided to move to Delhi and to pioneer services in the field of ayurveda. As I have mentioned, my husband and me, we have established  the first Ayurveda center in Delhi in 1989. Our first guests, they themselves did not know what ayurveda was. Literarily we had to teach them what ayurveda was. The people, who visited us, understood the benefits of the treatments and craved a lot about all that we were doing. But despite the good feedback, it took us almost 10 years to establish ourselves in Delhi.

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