The human spirit has the extraordinary capacity to find positivity during hardships. Some have found it in reading, others in cooking or gardening. ‘Dear Future Me’ is a virtual time capsule on social media that lets us look back and remember the good.

Given the current state of affairs, one tends to get stressed and anxious. But don’t let stress get the better of you. I believe one must keep body and mind well during this extended lockdown. What better way to keep your mood up than with a good exercise routine!

Michael Dominic, CEO, CGH Earth

CGH Earth, owned by the Dominic family of six brothers, began in 1957 with Casino Hotel on Kochi’s Willingdon Island. Founder Dominic Joseph’s family was previously involved in farming and plantation. In 1988, the company went through a transformation under the leadership of his son, Jose Dominic, when it won the contract to reconstruct and operate the government-owned hotel on Bangaram Island in Lakshwadeep. The responsible tourism approach adopted at Bangaram Island Resort is visible across CGH Earth properties in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karnataka. Kerala’s ancient wooden mansions were carefully dismantled for the backwater retreat at Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom. Spice Village, beside Periyar National Park, was inspired by the dwellings of the native Manan tribe. A palace was transformed into an Ayurveda retreat, Kalari Kovilakom. A pioneer in Kerala for best practices in tourism, CGH Earth ensures that almost everything that goes into a property is procured, crafted or manufactured locally. Food has been a strong point right from the start at the still-running Casino Hotel; even today, CGH Earth’s hotel restaurants gather travellers and locals around its tables.


The lockdown has been tough. My marriage to Saranya on 26th April had to be postponed. To cheer myself up, I started experimenting with cooking. First, I made my all-time favourite – egg puffs. It actually worked! Someday, I will be cooking the same recipe with my wife and thinking about my lockdown days.

Arun Gopi, Accountant, Maison Perumal

Painting really helped be manage the stress of a lockdown. I love doing simple but colourful paintings of nature, like flowers and leaves. I have spent my time painting during the lockdown, and it has refreshed my mind a lot.

Prasad. S, F&B Associate, Mantra Koodam

It all started with a craving I had for 'Ari Varutha Ladoos', just like the ones my Grand Aunt used to make when I was a child. I found a recipe on YouTube and made these. The lockdown took me back to those carefree days, when a few of my favourite things to do was visit the library and eat with abandon.

Melissa Caesar, Marketing Team, CGH Earth

I take care of the Housekeeping Department at Maison Perumal. I have a small garden where I grow some fruits and vegetables. With the extra time on my hands, I grew pomegranates and nurtured the drumstick tree I had, which is now bearing drumsticks.

Gomathy, House Keeping, Maison Perumal

"The progressive and insightful conversation about our Mother Earth and the existence of human race aid the human lives to regain their lost creativity. The door to this creativity is nothing but this week's reading." Lines taken from Mathrubhumi. Restarting my favourite pastime, reading

Dinu, Manager, Palais de Mahé

During the lockdown I decided to grow my own food. I started a small home garden and I am growing some of my favourite greens. There’s nothing like picking fresh organic ingredients from your own garden when you cook.

Shelby, Housekeeping, Marari Beach

Inspired by the organic farm at Spice Village, I started my own edible garden at home a while back. Over the years, I have been able to increase the number of vegetables that I grow. During this lockdown I am spending more time farming and I plan to expand my little kitchen garden to the maximum extent. I hope to grow enough to help the needy in my community.

Renju, Front Office Manager, Spice Village


Join me and my friends at CGH Earth as we share stories and photos of the activities that are getting us through these hard times. Add your stories in the comments, and please post them on social media tagging @CGHEarthExperienceHotels and using #DearFutureMe #MeAndCGHEarth, so that we can add your adventures to our social time capsule.

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