Ayurveda is a science of life and it is a spiritual science. It does not deal with treating patients and their diseases. It has a far more supreme goal... bring about understanding of what a human being is in his/her true nature. It makes one understand that one has a heart and helps people understand that one should not hurt anyone but make others happy. To revive happiness in someone’s heart is the best way of healing.

Your body’s resistance lies on three pillars: your ability to breathe freely, good food, and your happiness and contentment. There is no medicine for an unhappy and restless mind.

Ayurveda teaches something very profound: Be a good human being. One should then put a question into one’s heart; “how can I be a good person?” The answer is fairly simple since, everything we need, we already have. The five elements, from which everything is composed: earth, water, fire, air and space, can provide us with all the energy we need for our life. This energy was given to us freely by nature.

Its principal quality is sweetness, by which everything in this world is created. It was due to the sweetness of our parents that we could have come to this life, not because of their bitterness, hatred or unhappiness. You are part of the sweetness of the world. In the Upanishad it is stated several thousand years ago; “This world is honey for you and you should be honey to this world.” The breathtaking beauty of this verse makes me wonder sometimes, how far do we still have to go to understand the wisdom of the sages of ancient time?

From the same fountain of wisdom Ayurveda springs. Open up to the splendour you have in your soul and let it guide you gently through the world while continuing to pay the same glory back to this world. This is called dharma. Giving a meaning to the things we do is called artha. When a meaningful life arises from your intuition and happiness, such a life bears fruits of happiness and gives you energy. Creative energy full of enjoyment? that is kama. All of us have come to where we are because of the creative energy of the universe. If we live fully, out of its creative principles, freedom is born. Freedom, moksha, means creating something beautiful out of the depth of our soul.

You are part of the sweetness of the world. In the Upanishad it is stated several thousand years ago; “This world is honey for you and you should be honey to this world.”

In Ayurveda dharma, artha, kama and mokhsa are called the four essential meanings of life. Everyone is a unique being and has the capacity to fulfil these meanings in a completely unique way. Fulfilling these gives us capacity for self-healing.

The only serious hurdle in our life fulfilment is fear and ignorance. Ayurveda teaches that every person carries within a vision of truth – knowingly or unknowingly. Your innermost wish is a longing for saintliness, as Ayurveda puts it, a wish to become a Rishi, which means to overcome all obstacles and boundaries. If we allow our life to be limited by ignorance and fear, it gives rise to diseases in our psyche. Every disease is caused by a doubt or confusion. That is why Ayurveda warns against letting fear slip into our mind. Where a fear has already taken its roots, fill the space with love and compassion. The place where ignorance reigns will be filled with wisdom. Wisdom is freely available. Ayurveda assists one in finding it.

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